About me

About me

My name is Koen van Hove. I am specialised in the field of computer networks and distributed computing. I am a software engineer at NLnet Labs and a PhD student at the University of Twente.

I have worked on RPKI resiliency. The goal was to harden the RPKI infrastructure so it can withstand malice and incompetence from all sides. This resulted in, among other things, CVE-2021-3907, CVE-2021-3908, CVE-2021-3909, CVE-2021-3910, CVE-2021-3911, CVE-2021-3912, CVE-2021-43172, CVE-2021-43173, CVE-2021-43174, NCSC-2021-0987, and an OpenBSD errata. I created a draft RFC for solving the issue with the protocol. This draft is being discussed in the IETF sidrops working group, and was presented at APRICOT 2022 and IETF 113. It also resulted in a testbed for RPKI Relying Party software called rpkiller, which allows for the easy simulation of a malicious CA and repository. More information can be found on RIPE Labs.

I was one of the main developers of DDoSDB, a project by the University of Twente and SIDN Labs, nowadays part of the No More DDoS anti-DDoS coalition. The goal was to detect, classify and mitigate DDoS attacks, with the aim of greatly reducing the impact of DDoS attacks, and identifying the perpetrators and bringing them to justice. See for more on that.

I am also the founder of Astiga, a music streaming service for music from personal cloud storage. I sold Astiga in August 2021 for $12,500. I also have several smaller projects that I maintain. These can be found under projects. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile.