About me

About me

My name is Koen van Hove. I have over five years of experience as a software developer, DevOp and entrepreneur. I am also a student and researcher at the University of Twente. My specialties are computer networks and distributed computing, especially trustless environments (such as the Blockchain) and network security.

I am currently one of the main developers and researchers of DDoSDB, a project by the University of Twente and SIDNlabs, in collaboration with ING, Rabobank, KPN, the Dutch national police and Europol (among others), to detect, classify and mitigate DDoS attacks, with the aim of greatly reducing the impact of DDoS attacks, and identifying the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

Additionally, I am currently working on finding an alternative to the Blockchain which is more scalable, whilst maintaining the trustless, decentralised nature. This research is still ongoing, and is expected to be published in the end of 2019. Contact me for more information.

I am also the founder of Astiga, a music streaming service for music from personal cloud storage. I also have several smaller projects that I maintain. These can be found under projects. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile.

What I can do for you

Looking for advice for your project, need someone to strengthen your team, or just fancy a chat? Feel free to contact me.