Submit station

Thank you for your willingness to add to the great list of ETS2 Local Radio stations. Please bear in mind that I, Koen, have to manually add these stations, so it might take some time for them to get added. Also know that I may reject your submission, so please only submit popular national radio stations that have an FM or DAB broadcast. Do not submit internet-only radio stations.

If you want to check the coverage of the station you want to submit, then please look at fmscan. It contains a list of all radio stations for all countries. If your submission has been rejected, it is usually because fmscan showed a too narrow broadcasting radius. Save yourself the work and disappointment when it gets rejected, and check the radius before submitting it.

Additionally, please check whether your radio station has already been added before. I get a lot of submissions for radio stations that are already available. For a complete list, click "Toggle all stations" when running ETS2 Local Radio, or check here.

If the station you are submitting is a DAB station, then please say so in the comments, I may accidentally reject it otherwise.

I confirm that my submitted radio station is not an online-only station